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Biosecurity Self-scan Toolkit

Version 1.7.3-RELEASE © 2012-2015 RIVM


Does the organisation have an emergency plan in place that includes biosecurity and biosecurity risks? The emergency plan describes how the organisation has prepared for calamities and how these will be dealt with. The emergency plan contains organisational structures, procedures and agreements related to emergencies and/or disasters. The plan describes the personnel's various tasks and authorisations during a calamity and how coordination with regulations and other organisations occurs.
Does the organisation have an emergency response plan in place that includes biological emergencies and covers the entire organisation? A response plan describes how various types of emergencies must be dealt with. Such an emergency response plan also contains direct and initial actions for confining the biological agents and limiting their impact.
Does the emergency response plan contain tasks, responsibilities and authorisations for response and recovery? The emergency response plan also indicates who to alert in case of an emergency, and how operational responsibilities have been assigned.
Does the organisation have a continuity plan in place to guarantee the continuation of day-to-day operations with a sufficiently high level of security? The continuity plan enables the organisation to continue, repair or restore its main activities in case of a breakdown in ICT and/or machinery, and/or power failure. The plan describes the consequences of such actual incidents for the organisation
Have airtight arrangements been made with all relevant parties (e.g. fire department, police); for example, in collaboration protocols? This concerns arrangements regarding the biosecurity risks made with council, police, fire department, GHOR (Dutch organisation for emergency medical assistance) and other regional and national authorities.
Does the organisation organise emergency drills that also look at biosecurity risks as part of the emergency response plan? These drills are management and/or operational exercises that are part of the policy on Education, Training, and Drills (in Dutch: OTO). These exercises either involve only management levels, or are department- or organisation-wide.
Does the organisation evaluate and register incidents and other non-conformities? The procedures of the emergency plan take effect immediately following an incident that involves biological substances. Part of the process is this registration of the incident as well as the action(s) subsequently taken.